Remote access to live action


The Cy-Stem developed with support from EKTOS gives vision engineers full remote control of cameras

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Carephones up for tech check

NEAT Electronic

EKTOS is the only test lab in Denmark and Sweden offering accredited testing of “Social Alarms”

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Smart gas meters require thorough testing


EMC, radio, and HALT test done by EKTOS TRS in close collaboration with customer

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Bridging smartphone and e-bike with IoT solution


EKTOS has developed a smartphone app and a wireless communication protocol for e-bikes

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EKTOS assists Wear & Care Technologies in developing sensor technology for adult diapers by pre-compliance testing

Wear & Care Technologies

EKTOS has tested a wireless medical device that monitors adult diapers used in e.g. nursing homes

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Smartphone app and sensors optimize the installation of ventilation systems

TROX Auranor

TROX and EKTOS have developed a smartphone app and a sensor for installing ventilation systems

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The convergence of lighting and IT

LED iBond

LED iBond manufactures some of the world’s most sophisticated LED panels

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Mobile payment terminal connected to smartphone

Ergonomic Solutions

OpenSpace Duo shifts payment away from the cash terminal to the store floor

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Automatic distribution of feeding and bedding materials

JH Agro

EKTOS develops control unit and wireless communication for the JHminiStrø feeding robot

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Testing complex radio communication


EKTOS is testing Airtame 2 - wireless HDMI utilizing two different radio frequencies

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Boiling hot water on demand


EKTOS develops control electronics for hi-tech water taps from Akvatur

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The intelligent lighting columns from Alfred Priess A/S get even smarter

Alfred Priess A/S

Alfred Priess and EKTOS have improved the controllers with a GSM module and a SW module from Nabto

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Do like the AlphaLine team and visit us in Ukraine


The collaboration between AlphaLine and EKTOS became even better after meeting the development team

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EKTOS has helped Danfoss approve their products according to the new Radio Equipment Directive

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A prototype says more than words can express


The Danish company Grad has tried EKTOS prototyping services

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