We bring innovative ideas from diverse industries to life
Leveraging technical expertise for innovative electronic solutions is crucial for unlocking smart processes, maximizing efficiency, and securing competitive advantages. Irrespective of your industry or size, EKTOS can help you go to market with compliant, safe, and high quality electronics.
Minimizing environmental impact while maximizing production yield are key objectives in the realm of smart farming. At EKTOS, we offer comprehensive services to farming equipment manufacturers.

With our expertise in developing electronics for farming equipment, we have successfully created a precise sprayer controller. This controller eliminates unnecessary overlap that ensures the same spot is not sprayed twice, resulting in improved precision, reduced chemical usage, and cost savings. We offer farming equipment solutions that include sensors, monitoring systems, automated controls, and more.
With a profound understanding of the dynamic demands of the audio and sound industry, EKTOS excels in designing, developing, and delivering cutting-edge electronics that redefine audio experiences.

With a thorough analysis of customers' specific requirements and goals, such as enhancing audio fidelity, creating immersive soundscapes, or optimizing signal processing, EKTOS can tailor the development process from concept to realization.

By leveraging innovative technologies to achieve precise tuning, efficient power management, and real-time responsiveness, EKTOS' expertise extends to hardware and software integration, enabling flawless connectivity and optimal performance.
We have an established track record of successfully executing numerous dev elopment projects that center around controlling, protecting, and monitoring diverse energy systems. Our expertise in energy conversion extends to a wide range of applications, including fuel cell systems and power converters. You can trust us to collaborate with you in bringing your innovative solutions to the market, ensuring optimized energy efficiency and unwavering reliability.
At the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare solutions, we have successfully executed several projects catering to the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, including advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, state-of-the-art skin pins for measuring skin conditions, efficient battery chargers for wheelchairs, and more.

We prioritize quality, reliability, and safety in every step of our development process, adhering to strict standards and regulations. Rest assured, we ensure that all the necessary certifications and approvals are seamlessly obtained for the equipment we design and manufacture.
We specialize in the development of innovative controllers that ensure efficient and effective climate control for diverse environments. We have developed and delivered controllers for HVAC systems, catering to the needs of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Our expertise extends to a wide range of applications, including solutions for private homes as well as private and pu blic institutions such as schools, shopping centers, banks, and more.
We embrace the transformative potential of IoT designing and developing state-of-the-art IoT devices, systems, and applications that redefine efficiency, accuracy, and convenience spanning diverse sectors like agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. With a keen understanding of IoT's intricate landscape, we craft end-to-end solutions that encompass hardware, software, connectivity, and data analytics. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless integration of IoT into existing frameworks, optimizing operations and enhancing user experiences. Together, let us harness IoT's power to shape industries and enable every device, system to be interconnected, intelligent, and impactful.
We are committed to shaping the way light is experienced across diverse applications. From energy-efficient lighting solutions to advanced LED displays, our journey encompasses design, development, and implementation, offering a spectrum of possibilities.

Our engineers collaborate to create LED solutions that redefine efficiency, color accuracy, and longevity. We navigate the complexities of LED technology to deliver products that shine brightly while minimizing environmental impact.

Collaborate with us and let us illuminate spaces and redefine aesthetics using the power of LED lighting to transform spaces.
We understand the importance of delivering robust solutions that can withstand challenging conditions. We have leveraged our expertise in this are for developing controllers and electronic solutions for harsh operating environments where product quality and reliability are essential. Our test department provides a range of testing services to ensure that products meet the strict requirements for agency approvals and flawlessly performance .
Our expertise in driving innovation across industries has no bounds. We understand that each industry presents unique challenges and opportunities. Regardless of your industry, our engineers specialize in tailoring solutions to meet your specific industry needs beyond the conventional.

With a relentless pursuit of innovation, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their electronics concept, goals, and then craft solutions that enhance efficiency, elevate performance, and drive growth.

Let us help you navigate the intricacies of your industry, helping you thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.
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