We are working responsibly
12. May 2020

We are working responsibly

EKTOS continuously monitors the development of the COVID-19 situation and actively contributes to reducing the impact of the virus.

All of our core business activities, developing, testing, and certifying electronic devices remain intact. We currently have no difficulty procuring the needed components and tools.


Our engineers take care of each other

In Ukraine our developers are still working but in smaller teams and at different locations in order to minimize risk. Transportation of devices, products and components continues unrestricted and without delay.


Our test labs are fully operational

Testing and certification services are provided at full range at our test laboratories in Copenhagen and Struer. Customer staff is welcome to take part during the testing, and we use simple, effective visitor guidelines, which are based on authority regulations and common sense.


We meet customers in person and online

Customer meetings and other external meetings are held online or as physical meetings. If the place of the meeting has insufficient or zero guidelines, the EKTOS guidelines will be followed by our staff.

We will continue to follow our company guidelines for a safe and effective work environment, and we naturally observe the regulations and recommendations informed by the local authorities at any given time. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us.