The war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine

Russia is waging war on Ukraine. Since the Russian assault on Ukraine started on 24 February, the situation has developed swiftly.

The war has a huge impact on the lives of the EKTOS staff members and their families in Ukraine. The security situation is critical in many places. Many of our staff members located in Eastern Ukraine have escaped the city of Kharkiv, and many have decided to stay in Kharkiv. EKTOS respects and supports the decisions made by each single staff member. The safety of our employees is imperative and the absolute highest priority.

Our factory in Ivano-Frankivsk is hosting the relocated staff members. EKTOS continues its work on ongoing and new customer projects. However, due to the current events, changes in project schedules are inevitable and will be dealt with on a project-by-project basis.

We have received a lot of expressions of sympathy from customers, suppliers, and business partners. This is highly appreciated, and it is of great importance to our Ukrainian colleagues and friends.
Thank you!

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