Sharing (facilities) is caring
21. May 2020

Sharing (facilities) is caring

In the very same building in Struer where EKTOS’ test facilities are located, Sound Hub Denmark is housing the world’s first international sound technology innovation environment. They invite startups, SME’s, and corporations to come and share knowledge, to grow, and to thrive.

With close partnership between EKTOS and Sound Hub Denmark accredited testing is only a few steps away from where the new products are developed.

EKTOS’ Semi Anechoic Chamber for testing of electromagnetic compatibility
It is very exciting for EKTOS to be a part of Sound Hub Denmark’s environment! Maybe you’ll find it interesting as well? In Sound Hub Denmark’s new brochure, you can read more about the Sound technology and innovation growth hub and how EKTOS helps with improving the quality of new products with i.e. HALT-, EMC-, and Climatic tests.

Find Sound Hub Denmark’s brochure here.