Let’s talk IoT! Meet us at IOT Week in Aarhus June 18th-20th
29. May 2019

Let’s talk IoT! Meet us at IOT Week in Aarhus June 18th-20th

IoT Week is an annual, international event hosted in different cities across Europe from Barcelona to Helsinki; This year, June 17th to 21st, IoT Week will be hosted in Aarhus, Denmark, in “Musikkens Hus”.

EKTOS will be there of course, ready to share our knowledge and experience about opportunities, challenges and solutions within IoT.

At our booth in the exhibition area, which will be open from June 18th to 20th, we will be exhibiting some of the IoT solutions EKTOS has been involved in developing: a smart city street lighting column by Alfred Priess and an electrical bicycle by Promovec. They are both examples of smart usage of wireless data transfer, processing, and further representation for the end-user.

The conference program at IoT Week in Aahus is super exciting! You will be amazed to see how quickly and drastically IoT solutions have improved a wide range of businesses and maybe you will be inspired to see new potential for your own. You are certain to receive state-of-the-art knowledge about new technologies and device optimizations shared by leading scientists, researchers and experts within Internet of Things and connectivity.

We can’t wait for the IoT Week to be kicked off! We hope to see you there!