EKTOS turns 10 this year
10. Mar 2017

EKTOS turns 10 this year

2017 is a special year for EKTOS because it marks the ten year anniversary of our first prototype ever developed in EKTOS. Back then we were only two people in Viborg and three in Kharkiv. Today we are about 60 employees in three locations.

We are proud of what we have built together since 2007, but we still have not reached the position we want to achieve – we want to be among the three largest development houses in Denmark.

Widening our project range

To be able to grow even more it is necessary for us to become better at carrying out larger projects. We will not give up the flexibility which we offer customers who need quick action, but we want to be able to handle both small and flexible projects as well as large and complex projects.

In 2016 we have put much effort into strengthening our internal processes and workflow, and we want to continue focusing on that in order to widen the range of project types that we are good at handling.

Professional prototyping services

The opening of our new prototype factory in Western Ukraine has been a key focus area for us in 2016 – now we are going to invest in establishing a professional team and good routines in order to be able to react rapidly and efficiently so we can keep offering our customers a high-quality service at a low cost.

The first ten years have passed by quickly, which tends to happen when you are having fun. We bid the next decade welcome and we are looking forward to the interesting challenges and projects offered to us by our customers.