EKTOS TRS A/S is well equipped to test radio equipment

As more and more electronic equipment gets connected to the internet wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-wave get more and better. That is one of the reasons why standards for electronics with transmitters and/or receivers have been updated and collected under one EU directive called “RED” (Radio Equipment Directive). On June 13 RED came into force as the only directive in the field. If you are one of the many manufacturers whose products now have to comply with the standards in RED you can read more about the new directive and how EKTOS TRS A/S can help you get your products to the market.

New requirements for technology place new demands on the professional skills

As an addition to the new directive there are now more strict requirements to how much bandwidth wireless technology can use as well as more strict requirements to how the equipment should listen before transmitting in order not to disturb other radio communication. In order to be able to measure this completely new tests have been developed which all test laboratories in Denmark and in the rest of the world need to learn – it’s a challenge which Kennet Palm, director at EKTOS TRS A/S and his team have welcomed with excitement. “We don’t just buy the newest test equipment and learn how to operate it. We have to understand how to do this – this is why we get more skilled and smarter,” says Kennet Palm.

We don’t just buy the newest test equipment and learn how to operate it. We have to understand how to do this – this is why we get more skilled and smarter”, says Kennet Palm, director at Ektos A/S.

That the test engineers at EKTOS TRS A/S value their professionalism you will notice as client when a test does not pass as a test as expected. “Our test engineers have a background within development of electronics,” Kennet Palm explains, “this means that we can see beyond the test itself and understand the product in its application. Because of this perspective we can discuss the product with the client and come up with ideas for solutions if it fails a test.


An ideal setup for test of radio equipment

EKTOS TRS A/S is equipped to test product with radio technology because the laboratory was started by Nokia and it was mainly used for testing of cell phones. We are good at testing products that are no larger than half a cubic meter and weigh up to 50 kg.

We can help you get your product on the market

We offer at EKTOS TRS A/S state accredited tests which means that we can make the foundations for an approval. If you as a manufacturer want to sell your product in the EU or in the US it is often enough to pass the necessary tests in our laboratory and afterwords approve your products yourself by signing a “Declaration of Conformity”. However, there are exceptions where it is necessary to get a stamp of approval by a notified body. This is for example necessary if you produce high risk equipment such as medical equipment, or if you need to test your product against standards which have not yet been published in the RED. In these cases we will help you get in touch with a notified body, such as our former owners, RISE, that can help you get the approval.

You are very welcome to contact Kennet Palm (phone +45 70 70 14 99 or kpa@ektos.net) if you need assistance in evaluating whether or not the requirements to your product have been changed.

In most cases the new requirements can be verified and documented by a single or few tests.

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