EKTOS can now perform immunity tests up to 6 GHz with amplifiers from RFenable
21. Feb 2019

EKTOS can now perform immunity tests up to 6 GHz with amplifiers from RFenable

At EKTOS we are pleased to present the important news that we can now carry out immunity tests with frequencies up to 6 GHz in our two accredited test laboratories, in Copenhagen and Struer.

RFenable differs on several parameters

RFenable produces pre-qualified immunity test solutions in the form of amplifiers and antennas with for example a field strength of 10 V/m in a frequency range of 80 MHz to 6 GHz. The products are 100% designed and manufactured in Europe and can be installed with an on-site engineering support. In addition, the amplifiers are supplied as 19 “rack solutions 3U and are of high quality to a reasonable price. At EKTOS we are excited about the new amplifier and RFenable’s important ability to find a good balance between quality and price. Hans Erik Gram and Andreas Sand, who founded RFenable in 2017 (former Nokia employees like several employees at EKTOS TRS), are also enthusiastic:

EKTOS is a professional EMC-partner and has been very helpful throughout the process, and we are very pleased that a recognized accredited test laboratory such as EKTOS has chosen to buy RFenable’s products.

CEO: Andreas Sand, CTO: Hans Erik Gram

The many obvious advantages of the products have contributed a lot to the fact that EKTOS has chosen RFenable as a supplier.

Beneficial to both parties

Thanks to our new products from local RFenable, EKTOS can now perform immunity tests on even more products, where the very high frequencies are a requirement. RFenable has has been able to verify the software that can calculate how large the amplifiers must be to make a given test in our EMC-lab. In this way, EKTOS and RFenable have been of great benefit to each other.

Read more about RFenable on their website: https://rfenable.com/