EKTOS will be at EOT to show you TECHTO
24. Apr 2019

EKTOS will be at EOT to show you TECHTO

EOT, Electronics of Tomorrow, is a large electronics expo in Herning, Denmark, that runs from May 7th-9th . EKTOS will be at booth number 9622 to tell about our new manufacturing facilities in Ukraine established with TKT Electronics: TECHTO Electronics.

The new production facilities in Ukraine are established in a collaboration between us and TKT Electronics. Our focus is on agility, quality and traceability.

The collaboration between EKTOS and TECHTO Electronics makes it possible to offer the entire process from product specification to manufacturing and delivery to the end customer. At EKTOS we stand for specification, development, testing and regulatory approval, and TECHTO stands for procurement, production, box-build and delivery to the end customer.

With TECHTO Electronics, we try to change the notion that it is only possible to produce consumer electronics at competitive prices in the Far East. Under the heading “Agile Electronics Manufactoring”, EKTOS and TKT Electronics form a collaboration that creates an alternative. TECHTO Electronics is headquartered in the West Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, next to EKTOS’ local branch for print production in prototype series.

Come by and greet. We hope to see you at our booth.