The COVID-19 Situation
12. Mar 2020

The COVID-19 Situation

EKTOS continuously monitors the development of the corona virus and actively contributes to reducing the impact of the virus.
We have implemented a set of company guidelines, and we naturally observe the regulations and recommendations informed by the local authorities at any given time. This includes, among other things, that our staff avoids any physical contact with customers and cooperation partners, eg. handshakes or staying indoors in close proximity to other persons.

We continue our normal activities of developing, testing, and certifying electronic devices, and all other services also remain intact. We currently have no difficulty procuring the needed components and tools. None of our staff members have been to a high-risk or medium-risk zone during the past three weeks. Transportation of devices, products and components is carried out using our normal shipping providers, and we have implemented hygienic measures when handling incoming and outgoing goods.

Testing services are provided at full capacity at our test laboratories in Copenhagen and Struer. Customer staff is still welcome to take part during the testing, and we use simple, effective visitor guidelines, which are based on authority regulations and common sense, and which contribute to reduction of the spreading of the virus.

Until further notice, customer meetings and other external meetings in current or future projects are preferably held on the phone or as online meetings. If a physical meeting is held, we observe the guidelines in force at the place of the meeting. If the place of the meeting has insufficient or zero guidelines, the EKTOS guidelines will be followed by our staff.We trust that our customer and cooperation partners understand the necessity of this policy. If any questions or concerns, please contact us.

March 12th, 2020