Changed ownership structure and management of TECHTO Electronics
14. Jun 2021

Changed ownership structure and management of TECHTO Electronics

Tommy Korsholt (TKT Electronics) and EKTOS, who started TECHTO Electronics as a joint venture, have decided that EKTOS will purchase all Tommy Korsholt’s shares in TECHTO Electronics with effect from 31/5. It means that TECHTO Electronics will be 100% owned by EKTOS.

TECHTO was founded in 2019, where a production facility was built in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, including both PCB assembly and assembly of finished products (box-build). TECHTO focuses on production of small and medium scale productions with a high degree of manual operations like THD solderings, wire mounting or product build and packaging.

EKTOS is a medium sized developing consultancy with bases in Denmark and Ukraine serving many different industries with both HW and SW development as well as App development. EKTOS’ daughter-company EKTOS TRS is an ISO 17025 accredited typetest laboratory which provides testing services in the fields of EMC, radio, climate, vibration and reliability testing for worldwide regulatory approvals. EKTOS TRS has two test labs in Denmark.

With the full take-over of TECHTO, EKTOS strengthens its market position and ability to take an electronic product all the way from idea into production and delivery. The ownership change is part of the development of both TECHTO Electronics and both owners’ organisations and there will still be a good and continued cooperation between TKT Electronics and EKTOS/TECHTO.

There will be no change in the production in TECHTO in the short term and no change of commitment or scope in the longer term. TKT will continue to manufacture some parts for TECHTO. TECHTO’s stock and goods in/out will move to EKTOS’ office in Viborg.

If you have questions regarding the ownership and management change, please contact Jesper Holst on phone +45 7070 1499, +45 4089 9988 or jho@techto.eu.