By September we can produce your prototypes!
09. Aug 2016

By September we can produce your prototypes!

If you need prototypes of mounted PCB’s in your development project we can now offer one of the cheapest and best solutions on the market, and we can conduct the work within a week including the transportation of the prototypes to Denmark.

Sourcing of materials

By September 1st we can produce PCB’s from scratch, which means that we can ensure fast and cost-effective work because we are not dependent on raw PCB’s from external suppliers. We can be en charge of sourcing the components for the prototypes through our agreements with distributors, or you can as customer deliver the components from your own stock.

Testing of both quality and functionality

After production we check the quality of the mounting and soldering, but because our development department is in close touch with the production department, we can also test the functionality of the product and bring up the boards.

Prototype production which matches development needs

The flexibility and speed of our new department is adapted to the needs in the development projects. We can adapt the product up until the point where the boards are mounted. Because of the close cooperation between development and production team, we can minimize the time between your layout is finalized until you receive the boards on your address.

We already now accept orders, so please contact us right away for a quotation and booking of the production of your future prototypes.

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