Arrow Electronics and EKTOS agreement
18. Dec 2020

Arrow Electronics and EKTOS agreement

EKTOS has been chosen to support Arrow Electronics, the global technology solutions provider, with electronics design and development, compliance testing, and production services. The collaboration will help customers of both companies to get their products to market more quickly and efficiently, and with the most appropriate component selection.

Among its many strengths, Arrow is one of the world’s largest distributor of electronic components. The new agreement will involve close contact between EKTOS’ development team and Arrow’s sourcing specialists, which means that EKTOS will have access to information and guidance when choosing the latest technologies from leading suppliers early in any development project. Being able to obtain quotes from suppliers for key components at an early stage is often a necessity in order to strike the desired balance of functionality and cost.

Because we know each other well, it is easier to spot where there is a good match between customer needs and the combined skills and services available. Having EKTOS on the local team also helps Arrow to support its customers more efficiently on the journey from idea to final product.

EKTOS is excited to be working closely with Arrow and is looking forward to the interesting development projects to come!