WED 22 June 2022
15-16 CET


  • Short intro to EKTOS TRS
  • Situations requiring MARINE TESTING
  • Why accredited testing is useful
  • Example on typical marine test program
  • Main categories of testing (EMC, safety, climatic, mechanical, compass-safe distance)
  • How to prepare a product for marine testing
  • Q&A

About key speaker

Niels M. Jørgensen holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and has been working with development, testing and certification of industrial electronics for three decades. A big part of this work has been in the fields of type approval and certification of equipment for important or critical applications, including power generation, transportation, and marine.

Marine cases

We have two well-equipped typetest laboratories in Copenhagen and Struer, Denmark, where we can simulate harsh environments

Arne Haldrup R&D

We use EKTOS TRS because they are accredited to test according to the Marine Directive. There is short waiting time for tests, and we receive good, well-accepted test reports. EKTOS provides good guidance and shows a high knowledge of the standards. EKTOS has fine test facilities and a fast response time. It is important that we have the opportunity to participate in the test. We would like to recommend EKTOS TRS

Green Instruments:
Benny B Simonsen
Development Engineer

The primary goals of environmental testing are to verify that a design can withstand heavy loads over a long period of time and to meet approval requirements. We test at EKTOS TRS due to the service, quality, and flexibility, and because we have easy access to test in Struer. We have the opportunity of participating in tests. It often saves time to be involved in the procedures. We would like to recommend EKTOS TRS



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