TRS EKTOS Hosts SPM HALT/HASS Meeting (erfa-gruppe 17)

TRS EKTOS Hosts SPM HALT/HASS Meeting (erfa-gruppe 17)

EKTOS’ Testing and Reliability Services -TRS will be hosting the SPM erfa-gruppe 17, HALT/HASS Meeting on Thursday, October 12, 2023, at their facility in Struer.

This is a meeting for the erfa experience exchange group members to connect with fellow electronics experts. It entails the exchange of experience between knowledgeable colleagues about HALT and HASS in relation to all kinds of constructions, whether electrical, mechatronic, or mechanical.

Our Henrik Brosbøl and Niels Martin Jørgensen will be sharing their experience with HALT at EKTOS as well as the future attitude to HALT testing as a development tool. There will also be a round table for participants to present their experiences with HALT, discuss work-related challenges, or provide input and suggestions to collectively drive professional growth.

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