While we are renovating: TECHTO is already operating
12. Jun 2019

While we are renovating: TECHTO is already operating

We recently announced that we are expanding by offering electronics manufacturing through a joint venture with TKT Electronics called “TECHTO Electronics”. Already now, the partnership is offering manufacturing of small series including box-build in EKTOS’ facilities in the Ukrainian city, Ivano-Frankivsk.

We are well underway with comprehensive renovation of TECHTO’s 1500 m2 facilities to ensure that they meet the high standards for ESD security, layout, and infrastructure required for modern electronics production.

Facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk under renovation

Training and education at TKT Electronics in Skive

At TKT Electronics in Skive the new machines are being assembled. Everything is going to be tested in Skive where our employees are going to receive training before the equipment is installed in Ivano-Frankivsk. IPC training of our employees is conducted by certified specialists from HYTEK, to ensure we have a common knowledge base at the Danish and the Ukrainian factory.

The manufacturing equipment has arrived at TKT Electronics in Skive for training purposes

TECHTO Electronics is already underway

At TECHTO Electronics we are currently working on production of two products that EKTOS has previously specified, designed, and developed. One is a control unit for JH Agro’s feeding robot, which among other production requirements should be sealed in order to function in the harsh environment of a stable. In addition, the control units are fitted with wiring and tested to be completely ready for installation when the robot is set up. The second task is production of control units for Akvatur’s boilers, which supply boiling water in a 3-in-1 faucet. The controls are produced, tested, and sealed in plastic housing for the finished product to be rapidly produced the moment Akvatur receives an order.


From specification to delivery to the final customer

EKTOS and TECHTO are great at solving tasks like these. Together we can handle the entire process from specification, development, testing, certification and approval, as well as production, box-build, and lastly shipment to the final customer. TECHTO is particularly good at handling the production phase when it includes manual labor such as hand mounting, wiring, installation, and lacquering.

While the factory in Ukraine is undergoing rapid development, new projects for production in autumn are already well underway.

Find more information about TECHTO Electronics here.