Test your wireless concept with a simple Sigfox starter package
15. Nov 2019

Test your wireless concept with a simple Sigfox starter package

Do you consider a wireless sensor-based solution for optimizing your service or business? EKTOS offers a Sigfox-based starter package that includes the hardware and software you need to make a quick and cost-effective proof of concept. With a starter package you are sure to get a functional prototype without having to reach for the soldering iron or code a single line.


The starter package costs 9.000 DKK – this is what you get

Based on your requirements for the specific use case and the sensors you provide, EKTOS modifies a standard development kit to include the needed sensors and features. EKTOS then adapts an application to visualize the sensor data and ships a fully functional Sigfox based IoT breadboard to you which you can use to test your concept in a real environment.

In short, you get:

  • A standard development kit customized for your use case
  • A kickoff meeting with EKTOS to clarify requirements
  • A handover meeting with EKTOS when the prototype is ready
  • A “how to” guide
  • Firmware source code
  • A one year Sigfox subscription for one unit
  • An estimate covering the full project cost if production is considered
  • Shipment and delivery of the starter package

The technology

It is possible for EKTOS to add one or two sensors to a standard development kit, e.g. sensors for measurement of humidity, temperature, pressure, sound, light, or movement. Note that the sensors are not included in the cost of the starter package. Features such as GPS for geo-location, an NFC reader, or a bar-code scanner can be added as well. Simple functionality, such as switching actuators on/off can be implemented.

The prototype is based on a standard development kit such as the ”B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Discovery kit” from ST or the Wisol ”BRKWS20 breakout board”. The data visualization is based on an IoT platform such as “Thingsboard” or “myDevices Cayenne”.


Interested in more information?

You are welcome to reach out to EKTOS on +45 7070 1499 or info@ektos.net for an informal talk about the options with the Sigfox sensor starter package.