EKTOS will be hosting a popular workshop with the internationally acknowledged ACB
21. Feb 2019

EKTOS will be hosting a popular workshop with the internationally acknowledged ACB

EKTOS is proud to invite you and your colleagues to ACB’s (American Certfication Body) workshop on the 6th and 7th of March in our test-laboratory in Sydhavn Copenhagen (close to the city centre). The workshop is for anyone involved in certification and test of radio equipment or devices with radio modules.

Read more about the event and sign you and your colleagues up in the link below:


The hosts at the workshop will be the two acknowledged senior engineers Michael Derby and Pieter Robben from ACB Europe. They both have over 25 years’ experience within the test- and certification industry. Michael Derby is also the manager of ACB Europe.

ACB has their finger on the pulse

The American ACB, which is one of the world’s most active wireless certification companies, is one of the authorised organs, whom EKTOS TRS collaborates during the test rapports certification. They have an insight in the most relevant topics within the industry today for example integration of radio modules. They also know how to avoid mistakes when going through the approval of wireless equipment.

Throughout the workshop the authorised approval of the wireless equipment will be cleared and there will be given specific advice on how to get products out on the market as quick and efficient as possible.

In-depth Q&A

ACB’s workshops are well-known for their granted Q&A’s where a solution is found for the participants’ questions. The participants also receive guidance on how they can answer advanced questions. These sessions, where some of the industry’s most known experts are mentors, is what makes ACB’s workshops unique. The mentoring given is a unique form of training in topics that are often misunderstood.

The workshop offers knowledge that will prepare you for your future career opportunities. It can also save you and your business time and money when it comes to test and certification. The workshop will be able to benefit engineers, program leaders and test technicians who work with EMC, telecommunication and radio tests.

Many leading test businesses have participated in ACB’s workshop in the past and the popularity is increasing. We therefore recommend participating in the workshop for your own sake but also your company’s.

The date of the workshop event will be on the 6th and 7th of March at:

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services

A.C. Meyers Vaenge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV

Read more about ACB here: https://acbcert.com/