Next step: Accreditation of the test laboratory in Struer
25. Oct 2018

Next step: Accreditation of the test laboratory in Struer

The boxes are unpacked and the test equipment from Viborg is mounted in our new test lab in Struer, Bang and Olufsen’s former test laboratory, where it has already been used to carry out the first test tasks.

Accreditation in several stages

In addition to carrying out test jobs for our customers, the test engineers in Struer are preparing an upcoming visit from the national accreditation body, DANAK, who will drop by at the new test lab early in November. We have chosen to split the accreditation process into several stages, and we have already completed the first: The validation of our employees’ competencies in Struer was carried out when we had the accreditation of EKTOS TRS in Copenhagen renewed in June this year.

Next stage will be calibration and verification of our EMC equipment in order to be able to offer accredited EMC and radio tests in Struer as soon as possible. With another accredited SAC (Semi Anechoic Chamber) we can offer greater flexibility to our customers across the country.

The final stage of accreditation concerns the equipment for climatic and mechanical tests, which we will start shortly after.


The Semi Anechoic Chamber in EKTOS’ new department in Struer. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

Audio cluster under development

EKTOS new test lab is located in the lower floor of Bang & Olufsen’s former Factory 1. On the ground floor, Sound Hub Denmark is well into the process of transforming the 2,500 square meter factory premises into an inviting office environment and workshops where ideas can be tested and new technologies for sound and acoustics can be developed. The reconstruction is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2019 when the first participants in the special audio accelerator program are scheduled to start.


B&O’s former Factory 1. EKTOS is now located in the basement of the building. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

Open Lab at the beginning of 2019

At the beginning of next year, we invite our partners, customers and other interested parties to visit the new test laboratory in Struer. You will receive an invitation. We are looking forward to showing the new department!

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