SPM membership strengthens knowledge and competitiveness
30. Sep 2020

SPM membership strengthens knowledge and competitiveness

Technological innovation happens fast and it requires good communication and broad collaboration to be on the front line. As a member of the Association for Reliability and Environmental Engineering (SPM), EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services shares knowledge and experience with other, like-minded, companies in the electronics industry.

SPM is an association for electronics companies, test houses, suppliers of materials and components, and for the many companies that use electronics in their production and products. SPM has about 60 member companies that al share the ambition of exchanging new knowledge and experience.


EKTOS TRS are happy to be a part of SPM and we encourage our customers and partners to participate as well
Exchange of experience happens, for example, in the networking groups where specialists from member companies meet three or four times a year. EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services is a member of Group 6 “Reliability”, Group 9 “EMC” and Group 17 “HALT / HASS”.


The themes for the groups are:

Group 5: Compliance Engineering

Group 6: Reliability

Group 8: Production technology

Group 9: EMC

Group 10: Environmental testing and construction

Group 11: Planning and development of production tests

Group 13: Thermally correct device construction

Group 16: Fault mechanisms in electronics

Group 17: HALT / HASS

Group 20: DFMA – Design for manufacture and assembly

Group 21: SPM Master Class

Group 22: Structural simulation of mechanical systems

Group 23: Test of verification of medical devices

P2PoF Club


Read more about SPM here: https://uk-spm.madebydelta.com/