We have at EKTOS developed a cost-effective tool for final testing of assembled printed circuit boards – our Production Test System, or the PTS.

The PTS consists of a computer which controls a system that generates stimuli to – and measures response from – the PCB under test. An intuitive graphical user interface shows the status and results of the test sequence.


If you are a small or medium sized producer of PCBs, the PTS can be a good solution for your company. Contact us now and let's find out if the PTS can be of value to you.

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How the PTS works

The Printed Circuit Board for testing

  • Getting started on testing a new type of PCB can be done within minutes.
  • The PTS can test single PCBs as well as panels of PCBs.
  • 26*30 cm is the largest standard size for a PCB, but we offer customized adjustments for larger boards.
  • The PTS matches the requirements for testing typical control PCBs including digital and analog inputs and outputs as communication ports.
  • When needed, the instrumentation configuration can be expanded to provide additional I/O capacity such as communication ports and special signals.

The Fixture

  • A spring loaded needle bed fixture is designed for each specific type of PCB.
  • Each fixture is equipped with handles and a standard set of connectors for fast, easy, and reliable docking into the PTS.

The test sequence

  • The individual test sequence for the particular type of PCB under test is executed by the pre-installed test software in the PTS.
  • The test sequence is easy to read and run.
  • Test results can be logged in a database.
  • As an option, a barcode scanner can be purchased and used for easy and secure linking of stored test data and the individual serial number of each PCB being tested.
  • The test program and fixtures are affordable and will be custom designed for your PCBs within short notice.


Standard Configuations

High Quality Industrial Computer
MS Windows

I/O Board:
96 x Channel 5V TTL/CMOS DIGITAL I/O, 2,5, 1,2 mA Port A, 2 mA Port B,C. MA Current drive per channel
6 x D/A 12 bit normal, +/- 10 VDC Range
2 x D/A 12 bit up to 1000 VDC calvanic isolation

Signal MUX:
48 Channel multi purpose relays. Up to 220 VDC (or 250 VAC), 2A, switching power 625 VA

Power MUX:
24 Channel multi purpose relays. Up to 250 VDC (or 250 VAC), 2A

Instrumentation MUX:
48 Channels for measuring voltage up to 220 VDC (or 250 VAC), 2A, switching power 62, 5VA
The instrumentation MUX board is divided in 4 sections of 12 channels in each section
Each section can work with its own dedicated measuring instrument or signal generator.
The instrumentation board makes interfacing to generators or instruments very flexible.

Digital Multimeter:
RIGOL DM 3061 6½ digits.

Standard Power Supplies:
The system comes with the following components for power supply and signal stimuli to the device under test:
1 x 239 VAC – 1A
1 x 115 VAC – 2 A
2 x 12 VAC – 10 A
1 x 24 VDC – 5 A
1 x 12 VDC – 10 A
1 x 5 VDC – 10 A

Configurational Options

Enlarged test fixture for circuit boards larger than 26 x 30 cm
Additional power supplies
Additional communication interfaces
Additional Multi Plexer channels and I/O channels
Additional instruments, loads, oscilloscopes, etc. to be controlled from the test computer
Barcode scanning for semi-automatic registration of the ID for the device under test