From specification to end user

In collaboration with our subsidiary, TECHTO Electronics, EKTOS can facilitate the entire process from product specification over mass production to shipment to the end user. We furthermore manage the complex processes of updating and maintaining a product throughout its life-cycle.

TECHTO Electronics manufactures electronics in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk right by the EU border. The company is a daughter company to EKTOS.

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Why TEHTO Electronics?

Danish customer support

Cost-effective manual assembly

Close collaboration

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 3 high-efficiency Yamaha SMT/SMD machines in-line and BTU reflow
  • Fine pitch BGA 0.8 QFP/BGA
  • In-line QC automatic optical inspection
  • Selective soldering
  • ESD protected production area
  • Digital traceability (SafeLine)
  • IPC trained personnel
  • PCBA conformal coating
  • Functional testing and repair
TECHTO Electronics manufactures both consumer products and electronics for industrial use.

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