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Statistica predicts that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the internet will reach an astounding 75 billion by 2025. Despite the surge in connected devices and the numerous opportunities for organizations, Gartner warns that effective IoT implementation and management require robust security.

IoT enterprises are already struggling to protect their networks and ecosystems from the malicious actors of the dark web who are targeting IoT as their next big hacking prize. In response, the European Union has taken steps to ensure the security of IoT products and foster consumer confidence.

By establishing rules and regulations that focus on data privacy, product safety, and performance requirements, they are creating an environment of compliance. Manufacturers must take responsibility for preventing vulnerabilities from product design to self-assessments and integration with threat intelligence services.

But what does this mean for electronics vendors and their existing or newly introduced IoT products? How can they navigate the complex compliance matrices? Join us for our webinar to find out!

We’ll explore the

  • EU regulations for IoT electronics
  • security standards for IoT products
  • complex compliance matrices, and
  • vulnerability prevention right from product design

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Business Director, Electronics Development, EKTOS

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