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Our engineers

In our office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, we have a highly qualified workforce of hardware and software engineers who are motivated to take on new challenges and create working solutions for your development project.

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Our project managers

Our project managers in Denmark and Ukraine work closely with you in order to ensure clear communication and fluency of the development process. Our project managers ensure compliance with the product requirements and the project schedule.

We take responsibility

  • At EKTOS we only participate in tasks where we can vouch for the quality of our technical achievements.
  • We document our work accurately and completely so that our customers always have a real opportunity to continue our work.
  • We understand the risk inherent in working with electronics, and we put safety of our employees and customers above all else.

From specification to manufacturing version

We can handle the development project from specification to the final manufacturing version. Because we have the facilities for making PCB prototypes as well as for testing the prototypes we can handle the entire process in-house.

How to work with us

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The Fixed Price Model

If you enter a fixed price agreement with us for your development project, we estimate and carry out the work in order to ensure, that we meet your deadline and budget.

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The Time & Material Model

If your project is small or if you only need assistance for a smaller part of your own development project, the ”Time & Material” model is a good option for you. With this model, we provide you with the precise resources when you need them in your project.

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The Fixed Team Model

You can benefit from a Fixed Team contract with us, if you need assistance for several projects or tasks or over an extended period of time. In this case we tailor a team that provides you with the skill set needed need, when and where you need it.

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