EKTOS takes over former Bang & Olufsen test lab in Struer
11. Sep 2018

EKTOS takes over former Bang & Olufsen test lab in Struer

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S – “EKTOS TRS“, owned by the electronics development company EKTOS A/S in Viborg, has made an agreement with Sound Hub Denmark A/S in Struer to take over Bang & Olufsen’s former test lab. With yet another accredited test lab in the Group, EKTOS will be able to offer a higher degree of flexibility in test of electronic products and offer an attractive alternative for Jutland-based electronic companies.

More options in Jutland in accredited testing

The new test lab is expected to be part of the current accreditation of EKTOS TRS in the nearest future. EMC tests and advanced HALT tests will be in focus as key services offered.

”At the moment there only is a very small number of accredited test labs in Jutland. With our facilities we can offer EMC tests, mechanical tests, climatic tests to electronics companies in the region. It also increases our flexibility for our existing customers as we can carry out simultaneous tests in two different locations, explains Kennet Palm, Managing Director of EKTOS TRS.

HALT- chamber in the new Struer testing department. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

Cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark

EKTOS will join forces with Sound Hub Denmark in strengthening the innovation environment in the international cluster of experts in sound design and technology.

”We look forward to cooperating with the innovative and creative companies in Sound Hub Denmark. If they need to carry out a test, they can just come to EKTOS and in this way we can help them reach their targets faster. Also we can use their knowledge in sound and acoustics, something which will strengthen our competences both in terms of offering development and test services,” explains Kennet Palm.

Peter Petersen, director at Sound Hub Denmark. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

Niels Martin Jørgensen, Group Manager of EKTOS, adds, ”We have had great experiences working with start-ups and smaller companies. As the EKTOS group works in all phases of the development of electronics – from specifications, development, prototyping, test and certification, we can contribute with guidance and services throughout the entire process. We think it is really interesting to work with start-ups as they constantly challenge status quo and apply the latest technologies.”

CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, Peter Petersen, comments, ”EKTOS TRS takes over the part of the former Bang & Olufsen lab that does not deal with sound and acoustics specifically. In the labs they carry out certified EMC tests, mechanical and climatic tests, and requirements that have to be met by all products. The agreement means that Sound Hub Denmark can focus entirely on Sound. EKTOS TRS will not just run the labs, but also upgrade and develop them. Our users will benefit from the immediate access to these laboratories. However, EKTOS is more than testing – we also get a competent development partner in the house, which I’m sure our users will benefit from.”

Climatic testing in the new Struer testing department. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

EKTOS in growth

Since 2007 EKTOS A/S has developed and tested electronic control solutions for a number of different applications in a national and international scale. EKTOS has its headquarters in Viborg with development centers and a prototyping factory in Ukraine. In May 2017, EKTOS took over an existing DANAK-accredited test lab in Copenhagen – EKTOS TRS.

”The takeover of EKTOS TRS A/S in Copenhagen in 2017 has been a tremendous success and has encouraged us to intensify and develop our activities in the testing area. The incorporation of the Struer lab in EKTOS TRS is a natural and welcome development of our company,” states Niels Martin Jørgensen Chairman of EKTOS A/S and EKTOS TRS A/S, and emphasizes that “the negotiations and the hand-over with Sound Hub Denmark and Bang & Olufsen has been smooth and serve as an inspiration.”

Contact us and learn more about your new opportunities at EKTOS

You are very welcome to contact us for a non-binding talk about the new opportunities that EKTOS can now offer you with the Struer testing laboratory.

EKTOS A/S: Niels Martin Jørgensen, +45 5360 3122, nmj@ektos.net
EKTOS TRS A/S: Kennet Palm, +45 2614 7543, kpa@ektos.net