Smartphone app and sensors optimize the installation of ventilation systems

TROX and EKTOS have developed a smartphone app and a sensor for installing ventilation systems

TROX Auranor and EKTOS have developed a new and innovative concept for installation of ventilation systems: A smartphone app and a sensor makes it more precise, easier and faster.

Installers and technicians have one tool that is just as important as hammer and screwdriver: their smartphone. This also goes for the fitters who install ventilation systems manufactured by Norwegian TROX Auranor. In fact, from now on their smartphone will be absolutely indispensable: Together with EKTOS, TROX has developed a smartphone-based concept for calibrating the ventilation panels that secure good air quality and correct air temperature in individual rooms, e.g. in an office building.


No more climbing ladders

Previously the installer had to climb a ladder to manually configure the controller that regulates the air stream coming from the ventilation panel, while simultaneously having to handle a measuring device to detect the ventilation parameters for the room he’s working in. Now he can do the job using his smartphone. The new controlling component makes installation easier and faster, together with automating the technical documentation.


Pressure sensor for fine-tuning

– The system consists of a controller built into the ceiling-mounted ventilation panel, project manager Jette Freiberg, EKTOS, explains:

– It has a air pressure sensor that delivers measurement data used for doing the final adjustment of the two motors controlling the valve inside the ventilation panel. Together with the controller we have designed a smartphone-app for the installer to use when fine-tuning the system. The smartphone and the controller communicate via Bluetooth.


Experience matters

TROX Auranor decided on collaborating with EKTOS because of EKTOS’ extensive experience in designing controls for HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and in-depth knowhow regarding wireless in-door connectivity.

Furthermore, EKTOS was able to handle the entire project in-house, from idea generation to development, testing and manufacturing.

– The new controlling component had to fit into the existing TROX product portfolio, Jette Freiberg explains.

– Also, we were asked to develop a new and innovative interface towards the installer. We specified the solution together with our customer, with an emphasis on an intuitive and effortless user experience. Also, the wireless connection between smartphone and controller had to be secure and stable.

– Our hardware engineers have many years of experience in optimizing antennas for in-door environments, and we have our own facilities for antenna measurement. Thus we could deliver the requested connectivity already with the first prototype. That meant the user experience could be tested in the specific environment the installer is working in when calibrating the system.


Tight schedule

The new system was scheduled for launch at a trade fair a few months after the start of the project. This tight schedule posed an additional challenge that could be efficiently handled due to EKTOS’ in-house prototyping facilities and facilities for CE-marking and certifications for North America.

TROX Auranor also trusted EKTOS with manufacturing the new controller in its sister factory TECHTO Electronics in Ukraine, including producing equipment for programming and final testing.


Focusing on progress

Head of Nordic R&D at TROX Auranor Tore Stenbråten is very satisfied with working together with EKTOS:

– EKTOS came up with a solution on a high technical level. Furthermore, the project and the final product have kept well within the framework we agreed upon, both regarding time schedule and cost. We’ve worked together in a very structured way with a strong focus on making progress. EKTOS has handled everything very professionally, e.g. when we needed to make adjustments along the way.


EKTOS came up with a solution on a high technical level. Furthermore, the project and the final product have kept well within the framework we agreed upon, both regarding time schedule and cost – Tore Stenbråten, head of Nordic R&D at TROX Auranor


One of Europe’s largest

TROX Auranor manufactures high-quality ventilation and indoor climate systems for office buildings, hotels and industrial facilities. It caters to the Scandinavian market with a product line ranging from air distribution products, air flow control, and water based Climate Control Systems for indoor room comfort, to Fire and Smoke Protection products for HVAC systems.

With a strong focus on precision, quality and noise reduction TROX Auranor’s products meet the highest standards. As an example, the company has supplied the ventilation system for the Oslo Opera House. TROX Auranor is part of the TROX GROUP, headquartered in Germany and one of Europe’s largest suppliers of ventilation components with more than 4.000 employees and 27 subsidiaries in 25 countries.

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