Intuitive security system for ships with TouchGFX

Intuitive security system for ships with TouchGFX

With TouchGFX Olympia's alarm and security system became much easier to control and configure

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    Olympia Electronics

Olympia Electronics is an established Greek supplier of alarm and security systems. For more than 40 years, they have been supplying alarm and security systems to various industries worldwide, including the marine industry. Olympia Electronics wanted a more modern user interface for their alarm and security systems on ships, and they invited EKTOS on board. EKTOS joined the project with key resources for the TouchGFX implementation, while other parts of the product were developed by Olympia’s own developers.


Intuitive interface for configuration, service, and updating

Earlier versions of Olympia Electronics’ alarm and security system required PC connection for all the complex service and maintenance functionality, but the new version is based on the graphical system, TouchGFX. With TouchGFX, all functions in the security system can be accessed directly from the panel, and because the user interface is intuitive, the new system is much easier to control, configure, and to update.


Specialists in TouchGFX

EKTOS is an official implementation partner for ST Microelectronics, which is behind TouchGFX. EKTOS and has implemented the TouchGFX solution in many projects since the early days of TouchGFX. EKTOS has therefore been a ”steady hand” during the development and implementation process in collaboration with Olympia Electronics. EKTOS has both helped Olympia define what the graphical user interface should look like and implemented the software in the system.

As a part of the collaboration with Olympia Electronics, EKTOS has helped Olympia’s own team understand TouchGFX and the structure of the system. In this way, it is possible for Olympia’s own engineers to further develop and update the system in the future.


An integrated approach to communication

The key to good collaboration between EKTOS and Olympia Electronics has, besides EKTOS’ process knowledge of development projects with TouchGFX, been good and efficient communication throughout the project. During the project the right questions were asked at the right time and the tasks were efficiently allocated to the most suitable developers, both at Olympia’s team and EKTOS’ team.

The collaboration has been really good. We had a really good communication with the project manager Sergii – we understood each other. It has been absolutely satisfying! – Alexandros Tintinis, Embedded Systems Engineer at Olympia Electronics.