World-class grinding of welding electrodes

World-class grinding of welding electrodes

Optimization of precision and safety through re-design of controller

Inelco Grinders A/S is a Danish company that is an expert in grinding welding electrodes.
Their grinders are among the safest and most resource-saving on the market. EKTOS has re-designed the electronics in the Ultima-TIG series and is currently producing the electronics with TECHTO Electronics.


Optimization to minimize waste

In order for the welding process to be as accurate as possible it is important that the tungsten electrode is ground at a precise angle. The material is valuable so waste by grinding must be minimized. With the Ultima-TIG series Inelco Grinders has succeeded in creating a machine capable of grinding and tapering electrodes with a minimal waste of material and time. Together with EKTOS Incelco Grinders has optimized the controller which ensures the optimal grinding pace in all conditions.

A service indicator has been built into the machine which informs the customer when the machine needs to be cleaned. Most often, maintenance is easy and can be done by the user. Nevertheless, Inelco Grinders has experienced that grinders were returned for repair due to a lack of maintenance. The added service indicator has meant that users have a better overview of the state of the machine, which can reduce unnecessary repair costs.

EKTOS has further more helped optimizing the machine by adding an overload protection, which tells the user if the machine is overloaded and stops the motor if the overload is too heavy or lasts for too long. With this preventive maintenance function the already user friendly machine has become even simpler to use.


Adapting the product to multiple markets

Inelco’s grinders are used all over the world which is why the machines need to not only function everywhere but also meet the regulatory requirements that vary from region to region. EKTOS has developed the electronics for product approval in different regions. At the same time, EKTOS has combined two models in one machine control so it’s possible for the machine to run on both 110 V and 220 V.

Inelco Grinders A/S has received the first production shipment from TECHTO Electronics.

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