A prototype says more than words can express

A prototype says more than words can express

The Danish company Grad has tried EKTOS prototyping services

It has almost been a year since the red ribbon was cut at our prototype factory in Ivano-Frankivsk. Ander Bruus, Head Electrical Engineer in the newly started Danish company Grad, is one of the customers who has mad use of our offer of delivering the whole package from production of raw PCB’s to mounting.

Grad is currently developing products for cooling of beverages which they would like to sell to large beer and liquor companies in Denmark. One of Grad’s products is a beautifully designed unit which cools down shot glasses to minus 15 degrees Celsius in order to guarantee a cold and delicious beverage when served.

In order to convince their future clients about the value of the product, Grad needs to give them a chance to try it. Grad has therefore produced prototypes for bars and cafes across Denmark, and this is where EKTOS enters the picture. “I needed someone to mount the prototypes. In the beginning I only ordered raw PCB’s and did the mounting by hand myself,” Anders says. When they decided to purchase mounted PCB’s, they contacted EKTOS, “It’s been flexible and fast, and the price is also fair compared to the other offers, I’ve received,” Anders adds.

“It’s been flexible and fast, and the price is also fair compared to the other offers, I’ve received.” Anders Bruus, Head Electrical Engineer at Grad.

The whole package in less than 24 hours

Delivering the whole package fast and at a god price including production of prototypes and mounting of components is exactly, what we are good at in EKTOS. We have developed a process which makes it possible for our clients to start the ordering process before the final layout is ready. When Schematic and BOM (Bill Of Materials) is ready we can buy the components and have them transported to our production site while the layout is completed by the client. When we receive the final layout we are ready to carry out the production process in one work flow in less than 24 hours.

Meet us at EOT in Herning, Denmark

If you are interested in in discussing how we can help you, you are very welcome to drop by our booth for a non-binding talk with Jesper Holst at the trade show “Electronics of Tomorrow” which will be held in MCH Messecenter Herning in the end of October.

Read more about Grad’s products here.

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