Efficient development of electronics implies a fast production of prototypes

We have at EKTOS our own prototype factory, where we can make low-volume prototype series in less than 24 hours from gerber-files to finished electronics. We don’t just produce prototypes for our own development projects, but also for products which we have not developed. Our facility  contains PCB manufacturing and component mounting and gives us the shortest possible process time. That  allows us to easily check the effects of changes due to eg. EMC, heat dissipation, or other changes with a fast prototype.

How it works

When your schematic is ready, you deliver your Bill Of Materials (BOM) to us, and we source parts for the amount of prototypes you want. You can also source components partly or fully yourself. EKTOS has supply agreements with leading suppliers, so we can usually buy components for prototypes at lower prices.

When your layout is ready, you hand over your Gerber files to us and we produce your PCB’s and populate them in one uninterrupted workflow at the same location, typically in less than 24 hours. Transport from our prototype factory to you can be arranged within a short time frame, typically one day.

The process is controlled fully by EKTOS, all you need to do is to send your production-data in two deliveries: First the schematic with BOM – secondly Gerber files when the design is ready. Already at first delivery when schematic, BOM, and the estimated size of the PCB is known, EKTOS can estimate the cost of the prototype production.


Details about our factory


We have a semi-automatic line for multi-layer PCB production based on normal photo-chemical process, galvanic plating, and surface treatment, as well as a hydraulic lamination press. We operate with solder stop mask and silk-screen (blue color). The production line is optimized for fast prototype production. Our stencil production is carried out with both cutting and chemical processes.


  • Solder paste is added with a precision screen-printer.
  • We do mounting both with assisted manual mounting and a flexible Pick&Place machine.
  • We solder with a powerful prototype batch-oven.

Quality Control

EKTOS has world-class equipment for control of each individual layer in the PCB-manufacturing process before lamination as well as control of the plating. All PCB’s are checked before mounting. After mounting, soldering and placement is always visually checked, but the PCB’s can also be electrically checked before delivery because we have our hardware development lab in same facility.


maximum 4 layers
max PCB size 250x350mm
Rigid, ALU and flex
maximum 105um Cu
miminum hole: 0,4 mm
mimimum annular ring: 0,2mm
mimimum track with: 0,15mm
mimimum track distance: 0,15mm
Technology capacity enhanced in January 2017, please request update.

0,5 mm finepitch
max PCB size: 310*1500mm
Single sided SMD-mounting (double sided from January 2017)
lead-free and lead solder