At EKTOS we can take on the task of handling a full design process from the initial specification over the development, testing and verification phases to product maturing, type testing, and production of prototypes. Read more about our services on this page or contact us right away to discuss how we can help you.

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Project Assessment

PCB Layout

Development Team

Project Management

Prototype production


Project Assessment

We can help you specify all requirements for the solution you want to develop. Our project managers work together with your specialists when clarifying functional requirements, necessary agency approvals, reliability targets, production cost targets, etc.

PCB Layout

We have the tools and skills needed for designing your printed circuit boards, whether the task is small or large. Our PCB layouters and hardware engineers have many years of experience with designing circuits and avoiding issues with EMC or heat dissipation, etc. Our layouters are committed to ensuring the best layout for your PCB.

Development Team

In our two locations in Ukraine we have a highly qualified workforce of hardware and software engineers who are motivated to take on new challenges and create working solutions for your development project. Our large team and our setup enable us to offer you flexible adjustment of the amount of resources allocated to your project.

Project Management

Our project managers in Denmark work closely with you in order to ensure clear communication and fluency of the development process. Our project managers ensure compliance with the product requirements and the project schedule by managing the project according to an efficient model.

Prototype Production

We have at EKTOS our own prototype factory, where we can make low volume prototype series in less than 24 hours from gerber-files to finished electronics. We don’t just produce prototypes for our own development projects, but also for products which we have not developed. Our facility  contains PCB manufacturing and component mounting and gives us the shortest possible process time. That  allows us to easily check the effects of changes due to eg. EMC, heat dissipation, or other changes with a fast prototype.

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Maybe you can cut costs by developing your electronic solution with us?

Call or write us now, and we can discuss what a partnership would look like.

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How to work with us

The Fixed Price Model: If you enter a fixed price agreement with us for your development project, we estimate and carry out the work in order to ensure, that we meet your deadline and budget.

The Time & Material Model: If your project is small or if you only need assistance for a smaller part of your own development project, the ”Time & Material” model is a good option for you. With this model, we provide you with the precise resources when you need them in your project.

The Fixed Team Model: You can benefit from a Fixed Team contract with us, if you need assistance for several projects or tasks or over an extended period of time. In this case we tailor a team that provides you with the skill set needed need, when and where you need it.

Testing Services and Solutions

More about Testing & Reliability Services

Accredited Testing

EKTOS TRS A/S, which is located in Copenhagen, is accredited by DANAK, which means that we can provide the necessary basis for approvals and certifications of your electronic products in many countries. We can e.g. help with CE-marking for EU, FCC and IC certifications for North America, and VCCI certification for Japan. DANAK is the national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology State Authority.


We operate a test laboratory Struer, Denmark, which is equipped to carry out EMC testing, electrical safety testing, climatic testing and vibration/bump testing meeting the most typical requirements stipulated by the EMC Directive, the Low Voltage Directive, the major marine classification societies, and common UL industrial standards.

Certifications and Approvals

Our experienced test and approval engineers will represent your organisation when obtaining certifications and approvals from authorities and certification agencies such as marine administrations, Underwriter’s Laboratories, CSA, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, etc.

HALT Testing

We have at EKTOS a state-of-the art HALT chamber in Struer, Denmark. HALT testing helps improve robustness and reliability of electronic and mechanical products greatly. HALT finds as many weaknesses as possible within the shortest possible time span by combining vibrations with high/low temperature transitions. This allows the development engineer to identify, analyze, and eliminate weak points of the product before manufacturing and sale.

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We offer introduction workshops and carry out HALT-days in Struer and Struer where you can learn more about HALT testing and try it out for yourself. Contact us now and book a time or find out how HALT-testing can benefit your product.

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Production Test System

Our Production Test System, or PTS, is a cost-effective tool for testing of assembled printed circuit boards after production.

More about the PTS

How we can help you conduct testing

You let us do all the work: You can hand over the product you need to test to our test team and let us manage the entire process from start to finish. The only thing you need to do is to receive the finalized test report.

We work together in our lab: You are welcome to join us in the lab and carry out the tests in cooperation with our test team.