28. Mar 2018

Book an EMC test run and receive an OFFER on HALT for only DKK 10,000 a day!

How do you best mark the arrival of spring in an electronics company? WE do this by offering HALT tests for only DKK 10,000 a day. Call us in April and book an EMC test run for completion before the summer vacation.

Contact Kennet Palm at kpa@ektos.net or tel. +45 7070 1499 by the end of April

Contact Kennet Palm at EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services in Copenhagen already today at kpa@ektos.net or tel. 7070 1499 and book an EMC and HALT test run for completion by the end of June 2018.

An EMC test run includes all mandatory tests within the relevant product family standard.

HALT – why is it a great idea?

HALT-tests can significantly contribute to the robustness and reliability of electronic and mechanical products. HALT finds as many weaknesses as possible, in the shortest possible time span by combining vibrations with drastic temperature changes. This kind of test allows the engineer to identify, analyze, and eliminate the weaknesses before the product is manufactured and sold on the market.

A HALT process usually takes two to four days depending on the product’s character. We offer HALT tests in our department in Viborg.